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CA Foundation Compiler + Revision Podcast

1,260 849

The BEST Exam Combo for CA Foundation May 2023 


Revision Podcast for May 2023 (Memory Booster)

899 578
Learn all section numbers in a story format! Revise all keywords, head points and important provisions through these podcast revision lectures! For DEMO click on this link - What will you get? Podcast Lectures of 15 hours with super-fast coverage of entire syllabus Features Learn all section numbers in story format Memorize all Head points with mnemonics Special mention of keywords Revise all important provisions Know how to write answers Best part - Listen unlimited times Listen on Android Mobile/Tab Language : Hindi + English mix Validity : 6 months Views : UNLIMITED
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Business Laws and BCR (100 Marks)

6,235 5,300
Lectures    Books    Revision Workbook    2 Study Calendars    Online Practice Quiz (500 Qs)    Unit wise test Papers    Prelim Paper    Unlimited Practice Questions checking Check out demo lectures and study material      

CA Foundation Business Laws & BCR and Accounts Combo

13,330 11,997
Business Laws - CA Preeti Aggarwal Principles and Practice of Accounting - CA Parag Gupta

CA Foundation- Business Laws & BCR and Business Economics & BCK

13,330 11,997
Business Laws and BCR - CA Preeti Aggarwal Business Economics and BCK- CA Pavan Gahukar

CA Foundation- Business Laws & BCR and Business Mathematics, Statistics, LR

14,500 12,999
Business Laws & BCR - CA Preeti Aggarwal Business Mathematics, Statistics, LR - Prof. Aman Kedia

CA Foundation- Business Laws (60 Marks)

6,000 5,100
2 view means that if the lecture duration is 60 minutes, you will get 120 minutes of watch time Lectures    Books    Law Study Calendars    Unit wise Test Papers